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ODC is a system in order to guarantee original format of the comic strip HL3 in digital version.

When user downloads, a univocal serial number will be created and it will be join to the user’s email address.

It will always be possible to download the comic strip from site www.hl3comics.comand eventually to modify email address attached to the specific combined serial number and guarantee the authenticity.

Releases of the comic strip will be able to be limited edition and, when expected numbers will be run out, authors will be able to consider a new digital edition or run out distribution of ufficial copies.

ODC comic strip distribution is free and guaranteed for all duration of the work.
ODC distribution doesn’t preclude unlimited circulation of the digital copies of the work , that according to the author, can be exchanged free of charge beetwen users of the site www.hl3comics.com.

Please note that the preview does not have certification with original digital copy system, which is required of complete chapters.

HL3 - Gordon Freeman

HL3 Comics is amateur work created by fans of the videogame Half Life©
-It is not our intention to infringe any copyright-
Half Life© is a Registered Trademark of Valve Corporation.